L'universo dell'Amore, un viaggio pittorico

The universe of Love, a pictorial journey

Universe paintings, the depth of the Whole

photo painting "Granello" see gallery for full image

The universe is the infinite canvas onto which I project my dreams. Midnight blue and cosmic purple mix with twinkling stars and distant galaxies, creating a sense of wonder and infinity. My paintings of the universe are an invitation to look beyond, to dream and reflect on our small but precious existence in the vast cosmos.

Hi everyone, I'm Larisa Tinta, a contemporary painter who has found a universe of possibilities and emotions in the canvas. Looking at the stars, I always wondered, what's beyond? Through my paintings of the universe , I try to answer this question.

My art is a continuous exploration through bright colors and material textures, where each brushstroke is one more step on the journey of the soul, an endless cosmic journey.

Love as a Muse

image "Soul mate" see gallery

Love is a powerful force, a feeling that transcends time and space, and manifests itself in every corner of my work, it is the engine that moves my every brushstroke. My paintings about love are a tribute to that divine spark that connects us all. I use warm shades, passion red, delicate pink and gold, to capture the essence of love in every form: romantic, familial, friendly and universal.

image "Under the Sheets" see Gallery

And finally: An invitation to travel

Texture is essential in my works. Through the use of different materials, I create surfaces that are as inviting to touch as they are to sight. This is an almost alchemical process, where matter transforms under my hands into something magical.

Through my paintings I invite each of you to embark on a journey into the universe of love . A journey that can inspire, console and instill joy.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my artistic world. I hope you can find a piece of your personal universe in my works. A big hug Larisa Tinta.

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