The first exhibition takes place in Montecarotto, a small village in the Marche region of Italy, more specifically in the Teatro Comunale in 2022.

Later in 2023, the first exhibition in the Scuola Grande di San Teodoro in Venice Italy - Masters in Venice and publication in the Art Now magazine.

The second and third exhibition takes place in Florence Italy, first with Trends and then with Vernissage by Art Expertise.

The fourth exhibition in 2023 takes place in Versilia Italy with the 5th Biennial, and finally the last one with Art Expertise takes place in London UK in December.

And to end 2023 in a fabulos style - Publication in the the specialized  magazine Art Now and Exhibition during Art Fair in Miami USA - Masters in Miami with the Effetto Arte foundation.

These are just the first exhibitions, and we have only just begun.