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Art & decoration for home and office | Original small paintings | Modern Prints | Office art

The project was born, or rather the seed was born, when in a meeting of the Pro Loco the debate was to bring back to life the festivals and trade fairs in the Marche region which had been somewhat lost during the emergency period. In addition to myself, various artists and artisans participated in this meeting, responsible for culture and events, but also volunteers or simply members of the association.

At the end of the meeting I heard, and I don't know who said it, that art today is no longer art, today the painting must match the wall, the carpet and the sofa. "At that moment I thought that the Art has always been in the eye of the beholder and that everything depends on points of view, education, information, traveling and being open to new things and change.

And then after some time, telling others what had been talked about during the meeting, something clicked in my mind. But what if we actually made the carpet with the blanket, the cup with the mouse mat, the make-up holder and the shopping bag, all with the design of my works, of my small original paintings?

And so I began to illustrate and print all that wonder of products that you find here on the site. And today you can really have the painting matching the decoration. Thus giving an atmosphere of warmth, tranquility and comfort to your home, and a pinch of energy, refinement and good taste to your office.

Obviously, in addition to small and original paintings, you can also find large paintings, sculptures, modern prints on paper and posters of various sizes.

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Only in 2023 Larisa Tinta's works of art were exhibited in large Italian cities such as Venice, Florence and Versilia.

But also in international exhibitions such as Miami and London.



The 40until40 collection

The Pioggia di Fama collection
The collection #

The painting

Work of art created in Italy, with care, passion and love for the present and the future with much respect for the past. The artist lives in Italy precisely in its heart, on the hills of the Marche. In his works the artist calls us to reflect on life and the world in which we live. Using color he invites us to dream and hope for a better world. Using in addition to traditional materials for painting such as acrylic on canvas or paper and wooden panels, he also introduces refined and precious materials such as metals, mother-of-pearl, colored glass and mirrors, to create small and original small and large paintings, art for the home, art for the office or wherever a touch of color was needed.


Eco-sustainable prints

We care about our planet. For this reason, the artwork printed on photographic paper, cotton bags, pillows, clothing and more is printed at the time of order. Then our office art and modern prints are created for you. Thus avoiding wasting precious materials.


The Slogan

The “Dare to be Original” project celebrates individuality and authenticity in art. It opposes mass culture, valuing personal choices and uniqueness. The essence of the project is to encourage people to stand out, accepting and loving themselves in a world dominated by trends. The importance of being unique, original and rare, both in the creation and ownership of works of art, is underlined, promoting authenticity and rarity as fundamental values. Owning a work of art, a small original painting, is as natural as owning your own identity.



Art and Artist

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