Collection: Rain of Fame Origional

Rain of Fame:  This work of art reflects contemporary life

This work is composed of 26 pieces: 12 White Bags,  12 Black Bags, -a mirror with a handle and the Painting


The Painting

A panel created by the artist Larisa Tinta in 2023. The work, which measures 40 x 50 cm, is composed of a series of glass and mirror inserts that creates an effect of reflection and transparency. The painting represents an urban scene in which we see several hands wanting to touch and grab the "mirror of fame". The artist declared that she wanted to express with her work the contrast between reality and the image that society offers us of famous people. Glass and mirrors are symbols of the fragility and superficiality that characterize the world of entertainment and the media. Rain, on the other hand, is an element that recalls nature and life, but also melancholy and loneliness. Famous people, despite being the center of attention, appear distant and isolated from others, as if they lived in a bubble. The artist also wanted to invite the spectator to reflect on their own role as consumers and observers of the fame of others, placing them in front of a mirror that returns their own image to them.

The mirror

A mirror in which you can see yourself, a mirror with a shabby chic style handle, a little retro but always classy. 27cm x 13cm white

The handbags

12 white bags and 12 black bags painted one by one, in which you can keep the essential things to take with you to: a party, an evening at the opera or the theatre, a charity evening and more.

12x 21cm with zip

Rain of fame was exhibited for the first time on the social network and on the official website where it received much appreciation from the public. The artist declared that she was very satisfied with the success achieved by her work, but also underlined that she does not want to be influenced by fame and that she will continue to follow her personal inspiration.