The series of 40 artworks executed before the artist turned 40.

Fratelli Coltelli Diptych 77x102cm , 77x102cm

Walls 28x36cm

Underground 28x36cm

Cast Gold 28x36cm

Loyalty 28x36cm

Soulmate diptych28x36, 28x36cm

Blooming 60x120cm

Dandelion 28x36cm

Coffee and roses 30x40cm

Street flowers 28x 36cm

2 Poppies 28x36cm

Carmen 28x36cm

Medusa 60x120cm

Origins 30x40cm

Legacy 30x40cm

Stars 28x36cm

Portal 60x 80cm

Acid Rain 30x40cm

Granule 28x36cm

I see you 28x 36cm

Intimacy 30x40x12 cm

Focus 28x36cm

Seeking God 30x40cm

Little lie, Paradise 30x40x24 cm

Abyss 28x36cm

At the bottom of the sea 28x36cm

Soap bubbles 28x 36cm

W like a feather 28x36cm

I the chameleon 28x 36cm

The fury of an elf 28x36cm

Your refusal my darling 28x36cm

Idea 28x36cm

Against the current 28x 36cm

Lake 28x36

Education 28x36cm

Broken glass 28x 36cm

Retro Song 28x36cm

Medicine 28x36

Ciocolatte 30x40cm

Under the sheets 28x36cm

Rain of Fame 2023 a series of 26 pieces.

12 white bags 12x21cm, 12 black bags 12x21cm,

a mirror with handle 27x13cm and the framed painting 40x50cm.

The collection #

it is an upgrade of vintage squares. Creazione 2024 is composed of 11 paintings on canvas and then attached to glass, framed with golden frames in 80s-90s style, artwork measuring 29x15cm each