Il velo dipinto , nel dipinto

The painted veil, in the painting

The painted veil represents the thin line between reality and illusion, between truth and self-deception. In the painting Privacy present as sea water, the sea is the concept that invites us to reflect on the complexity of our emotions and the masks we wear in everyday life.

Our talented painter-sculptor creates works of art that go beyond the surface. His material paintings and sculptures are a journey into the soul, a way to explore emotions and sensations.

One of his most fascinating works is "Privacy", a painting, or rather a hanging sculpture that represents the seaside. Larisa used the sheet technique, a painted veil to create an effect of waves and depth. The sea seems to dance with sharp shapes that seem like a distant memory or a dream. The painted veil is like a secret slowly revealed, the shades of blue and white create an atmosphere full of energy, mystery and beauty. When you look at "Privacy" you have the sensation of being cradled by the waves, of smelling the scent of the sea and listening to the sound of the shells. A work that requires attention and an experience that goes beyond sight, involving all the senses.

Larisa Tinta invites us to immerse ourselves in her artistic world, to let ourselves be enveloped by the painted veil and to discover the sea through her eyes. "Privacy" is a journey into the blue, an emotion that accompanies us even when we close our eyes, and a metaphor for the complexity of human relationships.

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