Osa essere Originale

Dare to be Original

The artistic project "Dare to be Original" concerns primarily the power and will to make decisions that distinguish ourselves from the crowd and the love and acceptance of oneself.

In a world where trend is everything. If it has not been worn, spoken about, shown or promoted by an influencer you remain anonymous. We choose unique, original and rare beings.

  • We are Unique because we have not spread our rights or our works to mass producers.
  • We are unique because our works of art tell the present.
  • We are Originals because only from us you can purchase the original work of art, and also commission an Original.
  • We are Original because we are self-taught without the formal influence of art education.
  • We are Original because as women we have dared more.
  • We are rare because our prints are produced one by one at the time of order.
  • We are Rare because we value quality over quantity.
Now is your time to be Unique, Original and Rare.
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