Larisa Tinta

Short biography

Larisa, the girl who found love and painting in Italy

Larisa is a 27 year old young woman who was born in Romania, a country she loves but had to leave to look for a better future. She always dreamed of traveling and learning about new cultures, so she decided to move to Italy, where she found a job as a waitress in a restaurant.

Here, she met Riccardo, a regular customer who blew her mind. Between the two, the sparks flew and they started a relationship. Riccardo made her discover the beauty of Italy, taking her to visit cities of art, breathtaking landscapes and historical places. Larisa fell in love not only with him, but also with the country that welcomed her.

But Larisa also had another passion: painting and foreign languages . As a child, she enjoyed drawing and coloring, but never had the opportunity to cultivate this talent. By attending a private school for beauticians and international training courses she became a make-up artist. She loved doing makeup and beautifying people, but something was missing in all of it. Then in 2020 the global emergency happened. Larisa was forced to face herself, she began to paint, inspired by the images she had around her: the sunsets over the sea, the flowers in the fields, the things that were previously taken for granted that she now missed.

Her art attracted the attention of a gallery owner, who proposed that she exhibit her works in an exhibition. Larisa couldn't believe it: it was her life's dream coming true. She enthusiastically accepted and prepared a collection of paintings that told her story: her connection with Romania, her love for Italy and Riccardo, her joy of living.

The exhibition was a success: many visitors appreciated Larisa's style and expressiveness, and she also received some offers to sell her works. Larisa was happy: she had found her place in the world, where she could realize her dreams and share her emotions. She was grateful to life for giving her this opportunity and to Riccardo for giving her his love and support. Larisa is a lucky girl. Now Larisa speak 5 languages including very fluent english, italien and obvious roumanian. 

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