Tecnica a impasto : Medium Acrilico

Impasto technique: Acrylic medium

Larisa Tinta is a painter who has made her passion for art a palpable journey. His abstract and figurative material paintings are a hymn to creativity and expression.

Material painting : Creates relief, flat and hollowed surfaces to obtain a three-dimensional effect.

The impasto technique in oil painting is an older method that involves applying a thick layer of paint to the canvas. With this method you obtain in the painting: a rich texture and a feeling of depth and volume.

To prepare the canvas before using the impasto technique, you can apply a primer which is a layer that serves to make the surface more suitable for receiving the paint. Thick layers of impasto take longer to dry, so it is important to consider the working times of the painting.

Contemporary impasto in acrylic painting is a fascinating technique that allows you to explore texture and dimension in paint, with shorter drying times. Here are some examples of how Larisa works with the acrylic impasto technique .

For the preparation of the canvas, as well as for oil painting, a primer - two or more layers of plaster. For the application of colours, brushes with rough bristles are used, spatulas to apply layers of various thicknesses, stencils, combs and grids for unique and three-dimensional effects. The color can be used pure or mixed with other colours, fibres, chalk, lime, sand etc. Even for acrylic, the complete drying of the mixture will require more time but always less than the drying of the oil mixture.

"I love this technique because it also gives blind people who have a particular sensitivity the possibility of feeling a painting through touch."

Larisa Tinta

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