L'arte, Specchio dei Tempi e Corona Virus

Art, Mirror of the Times and Corona Virus

Art as meaning

Art is a refuge for the soul, a place without borders where every being can find comfort, inspiration and compression. This is a universal language that speaks directly to the heart, transmitting emotions and messages that go beyond words. But what is the true meaning of art ? How does it relate to us in the context of modernity and contemporaneity?

Art is an activity that is expressed in different forms: painting, sculpture, poetry, theater, film and much more. In its deepest meaning it is a mixture of techniques, rules and experiences of reproducing the interiority of the human soul in an aesthetic way.

Art for you Painting is a window onto the infinite, a way to explore the depths of your soul and the world around us, an expression of personal freedom, a way of expressing what cannot be said in words. Art for you can mean an inner journey, a dialogue with yourself that allows you to discover new perspectives and new realities.

The first forms of art: Rock paintings mirror Time

Image "Heritage" see gallery

Art is more than a simple pastime or ornament, it is a vital necessity for human beings that helps us grow, improve and reflect on ourselves and the world around us. Art is a precious gift that helps you deal with stress, process trauma and maintain a clear mind by connecting the past with the future and the human with the divine.

The impact of the Corona Virus on the artist

In fact, Larisa Tinta begins to think seriously about the idea of ​​changing her approach to life during the emergency period. The pandemic has had a profound impact on all aspects of life. With the world put on pause and in forced isolation, it led the artist to reflect on his role in society. Looking for new ways to express oneself, finding the dream in the drawer, painting.

Thus during isolation the Renaissance happens. Despite the difficulties, art has demonstrated remarkable resilience. The Corona Virus pandemic has also spurred innovation such as virtual exhibitions, digital art and online performances, offering new possibilities for artistic interaction.

The Corona Virushas changed the world of art, but has also revealed its fundamental importance. Art has offered us comfort and connection in a time of distance and disconnection. As we look to the future it is clear that art will continue to play a crucial role in healing and rebuilding our post-pandemic world.

Art, in all its forms remains a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change in uncertain times.

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