Le nuove Tendenze per la Casa e L'arte dell'Ecosostenibilità

The new trends for the home and the art of eco-sustainability

A Sustainable Future

The home trends of 2024 reflect a collective desire to embrace sustainability without sacrificing style. Interesting shapes, bold colors and eco-friendly materials with a focus on technology, art and nature that blend into an emotional design are the center of attention today.

Larisa Tinta interprets these trends through her prints, offering décor options that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are conscious settings. With his innovative artistic vision, he embraced this philosophy, transforming paintings and furniture prints into manifestos of a greener future. Our approach to sustainable furniture is not just a style statement, but a commitment to a future where beauty and sustainability coexist harmoniously.

They are part of the home trends : prints and posters; pillows, blankets and rugs; beauty and accessories and more. See all collections to find out more.

But before even talking about home trends, we should establish:

What does Eco-sustainable mean?

" Eco-sustainable is a term that refers to practices, materials and products that have minimal impact on the environment and contribute to a balance between economic, social and natural needs. This is a concept that invites direct and continuous communication between resources of the territory and the needs of those who live there, aiming to preserve the natural heritage for future generations."

Eco-sustainable materials are those that, in their life cycle, reduce environmental impact to a minimum, including natural materials such as bamboo, linen, wool, cork, and more, all known for their renewable and biodegradable properties.

And finally, the creation of our prints takes place with the POD method. In Italian "print on demand". So it is the sustainable solution that helps reduce mirrors and each item is produced on request (customised).

So we can say that by shopping on our site, you will have consciously chosen trendy items for the home that are also eco-sustainable .

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