Dittico "Fratelli Coltelli" di Larisa Tinta

One painting in more panels: multifaceted art between diptych and triptych

Contemporary art is continually enriched with new expressions and techniques, and among these the works of our artist Larisa stand out, who has been able to capture the attention of the public and critics with her polyptych paintings, i.e. works composed of multiple panels which, together they form a single visual narrative.

Diptych: "Anima mate" and "Fratelli Coltelli" from the 40 until 40 series. The two works are a perfect example of how Larisa Tinta, the artist, plays with contrasts and complementarities. In "Soulmate" we explore the duality of human relationships, where intimacy and complicity reach the meeting point of soul mates. The Fratelli Coltelli diptych (cover image) represents conflict from the beginning of time and invites the viewer to reflect on the thin line that separates love from hate, the closeness of distance and the peace of war.

Triptych: "Ink" 2023

In this triptych Tinta ventures into the world of the abstract, using ink as a medium to explore fluidity and transformation. Each panel of the triptych is a stage of a journey through shapes and colors that merge and separate, symbolizing the continuous evolution of life and human experiences.

A painting in multiple panels Larisa Tinta's choice to use multiple paintings for a single painting is not accidental, but responds to a precise artistic desire to create a more complex and layered narrative. Each painting, despite being autonomous, is an integral part of a broader discussion, a dialogue between the parties that invites a non-linear reading and open to multiple interpretations.

The art of Larisa Tinta, with her polyptychs, represents an intriguing challenge for the observer, who is called to compose the pieces of an emotional and conceptual puzzle, thus discovering new perspectives and meanings hidden behind each panel.

To learn more about Larisa Tinta's works and to view her creations, you can visit her Instagram profile or her Facebook Page, where the artist regularly shares her works and inspirations.

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