Who are we, why should you choose us?

Art is a form of expression that allows us to communicate our emotions, our thoughts and our vision of the world. Art can also be a way to stimulate our creativity, imagination and aesthetic sense and can have different purposes: educational, social, political, therapeutic, spiritual or simply recreational.

About the originals

Paintings are one of the oldest and most widespread art forms. They can depict real or imaginary scenes, people, animals, landscapes, objects or symbols and can be executed with different techniques such as oil, watercolor, acrylics, collage and others, with different styles such as realistic, impressionist, expressionist, abstract, surreal and others.

About POD (print on demand) prints and decorative objects

We sell original paintings and custom prints upon request: pillows, photo paper posters, framed posters, beauty cases, mouse pads and more, all created in European factories.

But why do art, paintings and personalized objects enrich people? There are at least three main reasons:

Art, paintings and personalized items make us unique. Each person has their own way of expressing themselves through art, appreciating paintings and personalizing their objects. This makes us feel special and original.

Art, paintings and personalized items reflect our identity and personality. Art, paintings and personalized items make us feel good. When we create or admire art, when we paint or look at paintings, when we personalize or receive personalized objects we feel positive emotions: joy, satisfaction, pride, gratitude and others.

Art, paintings and personalized objects also make us relax and distract ourselves from everyday problems. Art, paintings and home decor items make us grow. When we practice or study art, when we analyze or interpret paintings, when we choose or give personalized objects, we learn new things: artistic techniques, cultural histories, symbolic meanings and others.

Art, paintings and personalized objects also make us develop new skills: manual, cognitive, emotional and others. In conclusion, art, paintings, prints and personalized accessories are ways to enrich our lives in different aspects: individual, emotional and educational. Art is a source of beauty that makes us appreciate the world we live in.

Paintings are a window that allows us to discover the world in which others live. Personalized objects are a sign that shows us the world we live in.

About the artist

Larisa Tinta is a woman who has a passion for painting and creativity. She set herself a challenge in 2020: to create 40 paintings before turning 40. She called her first project “40until40”, because she wanted to represent the nuances of her life, her emotions, her dreams, her  fears, her joys.

Larisa Tinta is not a professional artist, but a simple enthusiast who started painting for fun and as a hobby. She attended some painting courses and experimented with various styles, from figurative to abstract, from pop art to surrealism. She used different supports, such as canvas, wood or metal, and different mediums, such as acrylic and mixed media.

Her paintings are pieces of her story, fragments of her soul, reflections of her personality. Some are inspired by famous people, such as Frida Kahlo or Nietzsche, others by social themes, such as feminism or the environment, others by geometric or abstract motifs.

Larisa Tinta's project is an artistic project that shows how art can be a means of expression and personal growth, as well as a source of fun and satisfaction. Larisa Tinta invites us to follow our passion and make our dreams come true, even if we are not experts or professionals.