How the artist Larisa Tinta was born

Larisa Tinta is a woman who was born as a make-up artist and has a great passion for painting and creativity. She set herself a challenge: to create 40 paintings before turning 40. She calls her project “40until40”, because she wants to represent the nuances of her life, her emotions, her dreams, his fears, his joys. Larisa Tinta started painting for fun and then attended some painting courses and experimented with various styles, from figurative to abstract, from pop art to surrealism. She used different supports, such as canvas, wood or metal, and different media, such as acrylic and mixed media.

Her paintings are pieces of her story, fragments of her soul, reflections of her personality. Some are inspired by famous people, such as Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe, Nietzsche; others to social issues, such as feminism or the environment; still others with geometric or abstract motifs.

Larisa Tinta has already created all 40 paintings and has exhibited some of them on her website and on her social profiles Facebook1 and Instagram2. Her paintings are colourful, lively, original and sometimes provocative.

Larisa Tinta sells her paintings online and shows them to the public to share her art and receive feedback. Anyone interested in her work can contact her through her channels and purchase one of her paintings, home-decor wall-art prints, cushions, etc. or commission a custom one.

Larisa Tinta's project is an artistic project that shows how art can be a means of expression and personal growth, as well as a source of fun and satisfaction. Larisa Tinta invites us to follow our passion and make our dreams come true, even if they seem impossible.