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Larisa Art Tinta

Painting, Original Triptych, Ink 1,2,3

Painting, Original Triptych, Ink 1,2,3

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Eng. The three small original paintings of Ink 1,2,3 are made with ink and powders, enriched with acrylic for a touch of luxury. Thanks to their exclusive design and Italian craftsmanship, these paintings will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home.

This trio of paintings on cotton canvas is the perfect expression of energy and movement. Made with acrylic paints, inks and powdered pigments, these paintings capture the very essence of written words. Add a spark of dynamism to your collection with Ink 1,2,3 - painting, Original Triptych.

3 paintings on cotton canvas, using acrylic colours, inks and powdered pigments to express the energy and movement of the written words.

They have a hook for hanging. The measurements of a single painting are 20cm x20cm

The triptych 20cm x 60cm +

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