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Larisa Art Tinta

Painting, Original Diptych, Soul Matte

Painting, Original Diptych, Soul Matte

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Buy our Soul Matte painting, or in Italian Soulmate, and bring harmony into your home. Consisting of two paintings that can be hung separately or side by side to create a sense of togetherness. Handcrafted on canvas, these paintings bring a unique and personal touch to your interior decoration.

Soul Matte or in Italian Soulmate, is a composition of two paintings that can be placed side by side or hung separately on two different walls. Hand painted on cotton canvas with acrylic colors make the work precious and long-lasting. Painted in Italy, it has been exhibited in various exhibitions and is part of the 40until40 collection.

Created 2022 diptych has two hooks for hanging

Measurements 28cm x 36cm + 28cm x 36cm side by side 56cm x 36cm

Not suitable for outdoors, do not frame with glass. Clean with a soft, dry cloth or brush. Do not spray cleaning products on the surface. Avoid direct exposure to humidity, heat and direct light.

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